Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30s thoughts

So, looking over my lists from 1930-1935, I've realized that those years are really great and I love them just as dearly as any other. I think I had thought that they were a bit weaker, but that was back when I had only seen 10 from each year. Now that I've seen almost 16 or more for those years, I see that they deserve to be considered great as well. This is probably all meaningless to anyone but myself, but I wanted to admit that I was wrong. 1930 through 1959 are incredible; it doesn't just start at '36. I'm sure some of the later years of the 20s are incredible as well. Hence the golden age designation.

In other 30s news, I've seen HOLIDAY, and I loved it. It reminded me a bit of MY MAN GODFREY (one of my favorites). It definitely feels like one of the great rom-com/screwball comedies from the era. It's delightful, funny, and boasts a strong message about individuality and the pursuit of well-being over the pursuit of wealth. I think we'd all much rather be at Katherine Hepburn's party upstairs where people are free to be themselves and have their own dreams then the one with all the stuffed-shirts down in the ballroom.

I've got LIBELED LADY coming in the mail tomorrow, and I'm excited about it. I can get down with Powell and Loy any day.

Also, not exactly 30s talk, but close. THE SAINT TAKES OVER (1940) was one of the more enjoyable films I've seen at BCF in a while (excluding SEVEN SAMURAI, of course). It's kind of a THIN MAN rip-off in a way, but I don't care; I like old comedy-mystery films. It's nice to see the debonair George Sanders in a role that isn't a villain or just a bit-part. He brings charm and coolness to the picture. Honestly, how did the author of the novel ever question if George Sanders had the insouciance to play the Saint? The man radiates nothing but insouciance in every role he plays. Is that not his trademark?

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