Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pop Quizin It

1. Is there a TV show that you'd love to see a movie version of? If yes, what? If no, think a little harder. If still no, sorry for wasting your time.

I think in terms of being a seamless transition from television to cinema, BREAKING BAD would probably make the best film.  It's already so well-made and intensely cinematic as it is that I think Gilligan could probably direct one hell of a movie out of it.

I previously would have also suggested ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT but after seeing the latest season of it, I'm not sure the format of the show would call for 90 extended minutes or so.  It's sharpest when being short, sweet, and efficiently manic.

Actually to answer your question seriously:  VERONICA MARS.  I want to see it so bad I pawned everything I owned and contributed $5,000 towards it on kickstarter.  Can't wait see my name in barely visible credits at the end of the movie!

2. What's your favorite place/setting to watch a movie (out of the choices listed below)? Why? ALSO, least favorite and why?

d) In a house, alone

If I had my own private theater I'd want to watch every movie on that.  Since I don't, I vastly prefer watching movies on whatever screen I can find all by myself.  I like the intimacy I can garner with a film by viewing it alone.  It's easier to transport myself into its celluloid world without feeling self-conscious in any way.  Plus, I'm used to watching most movies by myself, so it's become a habit.

My least favorite would have to be a drive-in theater or a small theater.  You can't hear or see shit at the drive-in and you can't really hear or see shit at a small theater (plus there's people too close to ya).  Not the best movie environments if you care what you're watching.

3. If you could be an extra in any film, what would it be AND what scene would you like to be in?

How much do extras make, ya think?  From a utilitarian perspective, I'd want to be in whatever got me the most cash, so like SPIDER-MAN or some shit would be ideal.

However, engaging with the spirit of the question, I think it would have been awesome to be an extra in BARRY LYNDON.  For one, I would have gotten to meet Kubrick.  For another, it would have been incredible to get dressed up and then have him prop you in a very specific location so as to contribute in some way to the precise beauty of  any one of those glorious compositions.  Might've been cool to eat lunch with Ryan O'Neal too.

4. Name a movie you loved as a kid that still feels special even when you watch it now.

There are a lot of them.  The first animated movie that springs to mind is THE SWORD IN THE STONE.  We never owned that one on VHS, but I can remember always loving it and being excited whenever I did get to watch it.  It still makes me so happy to watch it now.

For live action - RETURN OF THE JEDI.  EMPIRE is my favorite now, but JEDI was my favorite as a kid and I still feel like one when I watch it.

5. Best film decade (out of the choices listed below)? And tell us why, if you're so inclined:

c) 00s (aughts)

The 80s are essentially the dark age for cinema.  This was post-Golden Age, post-New Wave with no direction to go but down.  The 90s has some great stuff, but I am also more familiar with the kids and mainstream stuff from this time period due to being a kid during its entirety.  So I'd have to go with the aughts.  It helps that I started getting fascinated by cinema in the early 00s, so I know the some of the good stuff from this decade better than the other two.  Here's hoping the 10s end up being the best of the bunch.

Bonus: Hypothetically, your friends have rented out a theater for your birthday. You get to choose the movie that's screened; what are you going with?

Hmmm lots of great stuff to choose from.  I'd want to show an old movie considering a majority of my friends don't watch them.  So, I'd probably go with REAR WINDOW or SHADOW OF A DOUBT.  It just seems like everyone could get down with those the easiest even if they don't like classic film since Hitchcock is the best.  Maybe DUCK SOUP too for some lighter fare.  That's easy to love.

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