Friday, May 13, 2011


Briefly, I have three highly honorable mentions I forgot to add to my list for 2005:

Sin City (Rodriguez and Miller)

I saw this about five times in theaters with various friends because I so impressed by it. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Incredible to look at and awesome as an unabashed noir/action film. It’s just damn cool, and it’s got great performances. It probably should have made my list.

Batman Begins (Nolan)

Yeah, I straight up love Batman. Other superheroes are cool and all, but he’s the most compelling and has the best rogues gallery. I usually see most of the superhero films for better or worse, though I haven’t liked most of the Marvel movies since X2. I’m pretty much just a Batman/Superman kind of guy (sorry to any Marvel friend is a huge one and is genuinely disappointed in me). Anyway, I loved this when I saw it. I followed its entire production and couldn’t wait to see it. Chris Nolan did a wonderful job with this. It used to be in my top 10, but has fallen slightly due to being overshadowed by The Dark Knight. But, still, a great introduction.

Broken Flowers (Jarmusch)

I admitted to Brandon last night that this could have and probably should have made my list. I love it and love Bill Murray. He's terrific in it, as expected. There is something extra endearing about him in this role.

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