Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'd rather be right about DRIVE...

...than right about MIDNIGHT IN PARIS haha. DRIVE is an infinitely better film. I'm glad you mentioned the lack of motivation for Driver, John, because I was gonna talk about his motivation anyway. It gave me a nice segue to work with. So, thanks.

Lisa, if you're working on your Ph.D, I think you're excused from posting regularly. I can't imagine finding the time/motivation to post with that going on. SUPER 8 is certainly better blockbuster fare than one is accustomed to having. I liked it as well, but also with many reservations.

Ben, I like your list of things to see for the rest of the year and would like to see many of them too. I, like Brandon, am also interested in seeing WAR HORSE and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Also, I'd really like to see ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA, THE KID WITH A BIKE, and TAKE SHELTER. Still stoked for MELANCHOLIA. The trailer for J. EDGAR looks generic, but I hope it's good despite this. Ditto for A DANGEROUS METHOD.

Oh, also John, I share your love for BREAKING BAD. It's awesome and uncompromising. Very insightful about Walt's fall. It does hurt to see him become so unlikeable because we cared for him once. He is in a very precarious position with the audience at the moment, which is fitting considering his similar position with everyone else in the show.

Interesting of you to mention the HBO Mildred Pierce because I just watched the Curtiz version. I thought the film was terrific, but even in that one the daughter is an insufferable little brat. One of the worst characters in all of film, but a testament to the film for making you hate her so much. Curtiz spins an effective, economical narrative that I appreciated.

I've got a '33 list done. I've seen many other older films recently. I'll try to post on all that soon.

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  1. I just updated my list. Not sure how I forgot Take Shelter. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia should be good too.