Monday, October 10, 2011


Great to have Summer People back in the area. As always at Jarvis, a sublime performance.

Brandon will be back on the blogs in less than a week. So stoked to have him back.

Eager to hear Ben's thoughts on MELANCHOLIA, but even more eager to see it for myself. Brandon, John, Chris–let's do it! Jason and Lisa–let's see it in spirit together!

I'm awfully excited to see TAKE SHELTER. I just heard great things on it from a friend. I'll join in Ithaca, John.

DRIVE was the last recent or even modern film I've seen. Still just watching old movies because they make me endlessly happy. Fuck watching classics for the "film buff" credibility. Wach 'em because they are just such a joy to behold.

THE PALM BEACH STORY is hilarious. It kindly reminded me of Sturges' comedic and linguistic talent. Most of his films are on NWI. Still need to see, and am looking forward to seeing, HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO and UNFAITHFULLY YOURS.

Brandon has THE BIG SKY listed as his favorite film of 1952. I watched it recently as part of TCM's tribute to Kirk Douglas. Terrific film. Douglas had such charisma and Hawks was such a seemingly effortless entertainer. The more films of his that I see, the more I understand why he is so beloved.

I'm close to finishing preliminary 1945 and 1941 lists. I'm still waiting to finish my '30 and '34 lists. I might have to revise some of the other lists to account for a few others I've watched.

I got a James Cagney TCM collection for my birthday. I watched G MEN and loved it. I also, finally, got a copy of THE BIG SLEEP. I re-watched it recently. God, I love that film.

TV talk:

I'm loving BOARDWALK EMPIRE so far. Great showcases for Michael K. Williams and Michael Shannon in the first two eps.

Haven't watched the first episode of DEXTER season 6 yet. Here's hoping it's better than last season.

Excited to watch BORED TO DEATH. Last season was a giant step in a show's development.

BREAKING BAD SPOILERS! So stop reading if you want to see it.

I'm sure the lion's share of reactions to last night's episode is about the explosion and Gus's face.
I anticipated that an explosion would occur in the room as soon as Gus decided to kill Hector himself. Wasn't anticipating Gus to stumble out of the wreckage looking more gruesome and badass than Two-face in THE DARK KNIGHT. What a great and iconic shot. The tie straighten was a nice touch.

I loved the buildup to Gus's showdown with Hector. The score and the shots all reminiscent of a beautiful Leone western. Epic.

Walt has transformed from unlikable to villainous. Will he be the central antagonist of the last season or is there some retribution via some Gus associates coming his way? Probably and hopefully both.

I've just read that when Walt is spinning his gun in the backyard a few episodes back, the final spin lands on the those lovely flowers he used to poison Brock.

ONE MINOR ISSUE: Last episode, Gus was so preternaturally discerning to suspect that someone had tampered with his car. It was absolutely in line with his character though. He has always seemed omniscient. However, this episode, he has a completely uncharacteristic lapse in judgment.

Okay, Gus, Hector has just visited the DEA and you suspect has disclosed some information on you. Your first action in response to this is to visit public? Sending your lone bodyguard to scan for wires seems hastily done and not at all thorough. For someone who thrives on thoroughness and perspicacity, honestly, what were you thinking? Anyway, RIP dude.

Perhaps, Gus was too blinded by the idea of finally fulfilling his vengeance. Or perhaps he suspected he was soon-to-be done for and wanted to get his revenge before it was too late.

Or perhaps he is just human and made a mistake. Whatever the case, the best chess player in town just got defeated through his own tactics. His failure is that he wasn't ruthless enough while his opponent, made in his image, was. The great irony of the finale is that Gus's outward mutilation can't even match what's decaying inside our hero Walt.

Next season is a long ways away.

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