Sunday, October 30, 2011

the holiday sucks

My old girlfriend made me watch THE HOLIDAY with her, and I hated it too. A shame to see Eli Wallach reduced to such crap. The modern rom-com has mostly eschewed charm and wit in favor of simple capitalistic reinforcements and gender stereotypes (wait a minute...that might not just be limited to rom-coms but MOST mainstream films in general...yikes...). I've been forced to put up with too many.

I read Slate's top 25 horror films of the aughts list. I haven't seen a lot of them, but I do wonder why WAR OF THE WORLDS is on the list at all, let alone so high in the rankings. Also, INLAND EMPIRE isn't a horror film per se, it's a David Lynch film. It's got its own category! And I haven't seen PULSE, but the write up for it contains the phrase "techno-eschatology," which has to be one of the funniest and most pretentious phrases I've ever encountered in a film description.

I have my 1941 list completed! I just have to do a write up for it, and I'll post it soon. It's not that enlightening, and in fact, it is basically just a reordering of Brandon's list. Oh well, I don't mind riding coattails.

Loved the last BOARDWALK episode. I dig the cartoon violence, if you want to call it that. Keep it coming. Also, I recently discovered that the fellow who plays Richard Harrow (scene-stealer) goes by the name of Jack Huston. He is the grand-son of John Huston, great-grand-son of Walter Huston, and nephew to Anjelica and Danny Huston, which means he is Hollywood royalty. Really cool.

And finally in other news, the great Tom Waits just released his first album of all new material since 2004. It is called BAD AS ME, and if you are ever starting to doubt the state of modern music, let it restore your faith:

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