Wednesday, November 2, 2011

vegetables are delicious

I wasn't claiming that WAR OF THE WORLDS is a bad film. I was just wondering what it was doing on a horror list. I wouldn't consider it a horror film (would you?), but I guess that doesn't really matter. Labels, labels, labels.

I agree that there is something annoying about Kois' piece because he is a professional film critic. He is paid to watch and write about film. Isn't it his job to pick through the murk of a film and find its deeper significance and theme(s)? Even if a film is bad and there isn't much below the surface, there is still something there to uncover, interpret, and ultimately criticize. I guess I feel less forgiving towards this man who is complaining about a job that many others with better attention spans and possibly greater insights will never get a chance to attain. I do feel more sympathy for people like us (aww shucks) who must consume films on the side in addition to our jobs/school work/families. If someone here honestly admits to being bored to tears by some film then I can understand that. We are not paid to watch anything (unless John "Boss" Owen wants to change that...), so our film intake is primarily based on enjoyment and interest.

Jason, you made the comment on facebook to Ben's SALO post about feeling vindicated for not wanting to watch 30s movies. I hear you. I'd say you should absolutely only watch 30s movies if WANT to. If they would be a chore then fuck 'em. There is better shit to do. But if you want to watch them then do it. I only watch 30s films because I enjoy watching them. They are a great treat like film club itself. I'm just glad I finally have some folks to talk to about older movies (and movies in general). I think we are all here because we love watching movies and not because we feel like we have to.

But, of course, taking an interest in film and wanting to be aware of films can certainly be a chore at times. If you want to know all about the film history of the 60s, then at some point you're going to have to face L'AVVENTURA. I know I watched it with a sense of curiosity and don't mind admitting that I was bored by it. I don't think it's a bad film, and there is probably a lot more to it than I remember seeing–I just couldn't dig on it (NOTE TO SELF: re-watch it at some point). I enjoy some of Antonioni's films quite a bit. BLOWUP is one of my favorites. But he can be a real fucking bore at times so I can sympathize with any non-professional film viewer
who doesn't want to sit through one of his films.

Anyway, my stance is and shall remain–only watch films if you want to watch them. That's about all the insight I've got for ya.

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