Thursday, November 17, 2011

I know nothing...

Playing along with Brandon. The first title I give I consider the best and the one after it I consider the worst. I really need to fill in my missing gaps here. I haven't seen enough of most to give them a worst film. Oh well.

(NOTE: I did this before reading Brandon's list, which I'm just seeing).

Lars von Trier - Europa. Manderlay (need to see Breaking the Waves, which many consider his masterpiece, but it is not available on dvd).

Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo is probably his masterpiece, though my favorite is Shadow of a Doubt. Haven’t come across his low point yet (i.e. he probably didn’t make a bad film).

Martin Campbell - I’ve only seen GoldenEye. I liked the film a lot as a kid, mostly because of the corresponding video game for Nintendo 64.

Curtis Hanson - Only seen L.A. Confidential, which I barely remember.

Woody Allen - His masterpiece and my favorite is Hannah and Her Sisters. His low point is probably Melinda and Melinda or Anything Else. Though many of you will probably say his low point has been the last twenty years. Jerks.

Martin Scorsese - Taxi Driver. Haven’t seen a film by him that I didn’t like, but I haven’t seen them all.

Neil Jordan - The Crying Game. Don’t know.

Fritz Lang - M. for his German films and The Big Heat for his American ones. Haven’t seen a bad film by him.

George Stevens - A Place in the Sun. Don’t Know.

Max Ophuls - Have only seen The Earrings of Madame de... but I’m working on him. Come back to me in a couple of months.

Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven. Hereafter (somebody go see J. Edgar and tell me how it is by the way).

Stanley Donen - Singin’ in the Rain. Don’t Know.

Frank Capra - It’s a Wonderful Life, of course. I’ve liked every film I’ve seen by him.

Carol Reed - The Third Man. Don’t Know.

Robert Altman - McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Popeye? haha Haven’t seen it.
Francis Ford Coppola - The Godfather. Probably Jack with Robin Williams. Shocking I know.

Werner Herzog - Unoriginal but Aguirre, The Wrath of God. Haven’t seen one I didn’t like. Am dying to see Heart of Glass.

John Ford - The Searchers (Stagecoach and Liberty Valance are masterpieces too). Haven’t seen one I didn’t like.

Joe Dante - I haven’t seen The ‘ Don’t know.

Wes Craven - Music of the Heart. haha Haven’t seen that. Probably the first Elm St. or the first Scream. Take your pick of his many low points.

John Carpenter - Halloween. Haven’t seen enough of his films (Sorry horror fans!)

David Cronenberg - I really haven’t seen much Cronenberg (Sorry horror and film fans in general!). Don’t remember Videodrome, Naked Lunch, or Crash. Liked the last two films he made. That’s all I’ve seen.

George Romero - I guess Night of the Living Dead because I can’t remember Dawn of the Dead.
Haven’t seen any others. Let’s get out of this horror section and fast.

Bob Clark - Have only seen A Christmas Story, which, like many of you I’m sure, are sick to death of.

Stanley Kubrick - Here we go. From Paths of Glory onward, the man made nothing but masterpieces and he certainly never made a bad film. However, if you twisted my arm, his masterpiece is 2001, but my favorite is Barry Lyndon.

The Coen Brothers - No Country for Old Men. Haven’t seen one I disliked.

Wes Anderson - It’s probably still Rushmore, but my fav is The Life Aquatic. Haven’t seen one I disliked.

Tim Burton - Ed Wood (Edward Scissorhands is real close). Alice in Wonderland was garbage, but he’s got quite a few low points to choose from.

Preston Sturges - It’s gotta be Sullivan’s Travels, though I just watched Hail the Conquering Hero and I’m with John–it might be my favorite of his. Didn’t make a bad film.

Ernst Lubitsch - Tough call, but I’ll agree with Brandon here. To Be or Not to Be. Didn’t make a bad film (it’s that Lubitsch touch!)

Michael Haneke - haha the original Funny Games. It might not be that bad, but I couldn’t stand watching The Piano Teacher.

Sergio Leone - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (though they are all pretty amazing). Didn’t make a bad film.

Pedro Almodovar - I haven’t seen enough of his early work, so I’ll have to go with Talk to Her. Haven’t seen one I didn’t like.

Robert Aldrich - Kiss Me Deadly (maybe The Dirty Dozen). Haven’t seen one I disliked, but need to see more.

Michelangelo Antonioni - Blow-up for sure. I don’t really know what his low point is. I couldn’t dig on L’avventura, but that doesn’t make it a low point. I’ve liked his other films, that I’ve seen. He’s really not THAT boring!

Ingmar Bergman - A tie between The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, but they are all incredible. Never made a bad film. MASTER.

Jean-Luc Godard - Band of Outsiders. Haven’t seen his latest stuff, which is probably his low point.

Francois Truffaut - Shoot the Piano Player. Haven’t seen a bad one.

Henri Georges Clouzot - Tough call. I’m going to go with The Wages of Fear, but I’d certainly entertain the idea of Quai des Orfevres. Didn’t make a bad film.

Olivier Assayas - Need to see one of his films. I’m bad.

Mario Brava - Ditto.

Frank Borzage - Ditto.

Jacques Tourneur - Cat People, but I really dig Out of the Past. Haven’t seen a bad one.

Jim Jarmusch - Down By Law. Haven’t seen one I disliked.

Robert Bresson - Diary of a Country Priest is the only one I’ve seen that I remember. I’ll go with that. I need to re-submerge myself in his work at some point.

Luis Bunuel - The Phantom of Liberty. Didn’t make a bad one.

Claude Chabrol - Need to see one.
Charlie Chaplin - The Gold Rush and City Lights. Didn’t make a bad film (short or feature length).

Jean Cocteau - The Blood of a Poet. Don’t know.

George Cukor - Need to see The Women, which I assume is his best. Probably go with David Copperfield for now. I’ve liked the few films I’ve seen of his.

Brian De Palma - Blow Up. Scarface (haven’t seen his 2000s films).

Claire Denis - Haven’t seen one.

Carl Theodor Dreyer - Vampyr. Don’t know.

Federico Fellini - La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2. Amarcord.

David Fincher - Zodiac. Panic Room (haven’t seen Alien 3, which is probably his worst).

Terry Gilliam - Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but solo I’d go with 12 Monkeys. The Brother’s Grimm.

DW Griffith - Well, Intolerance is certainly his finest work but...haha I haven’t seen any of ‘em. For shame.

Jia Zhangke - Who?

Buster Keaton - Have only seen The General.

Abbas Kiarostami - Certified Copy is pretty great. Have only seen Taste of Cherry besides this. Also pretty great, if you have the patience.

Brad Bird - Ratatouille. Hasn’t made a bad one.

Harmony Korine - Haven’t seen one.

Akira Kurosawa - Ikiru, Seven Samurai, and Yojimbo. Haven’t seen a bad one.

Kenji Mizoguchi - Sansho the Bailiff. Haven’t seen enough.

David Lean - The Bridge on the River Kwai. I’ve liked ‘em all. I like Doctor Zhivago more than anyone probably ever should. It’s incredible.

Ang Lee - Brokeback Mountain. Hulk by a landslide.

Jerry Lewis - Haven’t seen any of ‘em. Nice lady!

Joseph H. Lewis - ditto

Henry Hathaway - yikes, need to see one of his as well. All this list is doing is exposing me.

Richard Linklater - The “Before” films. Bad News Bears? I don’t know, haven’t seen enough.

Joseph Losey - Haven’t seen any.

David Lynch - Mulholland Drive. Probably Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Terrence Malick - All of ‘em are masterpieces. Days of Heaven though.

Joseph L. Mankiewicz - All About Eve. Don’t know.

Anthony Mann - Winchester ’73. Don’t know.

Michael Mann - Heat. The Public Enemy haha. Fuck that camera.

Leo McCarey - Duck Soup...but Make Way for Tomorrow is his best non-Marx Bros. film. I’ve liked ‘em all.

James Cameron - Terminator 2. Avatar (too easy).

Jean-Pierre Melville - Bob le Flambeur or Le Circle Rouge. Have liked all that I’ve seen.

Paul Thomas Anderson - There Will Be Blood. Hasn’t made a bad film.

Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds. Death Proof (sorry Brandon).

Danny Boyle - 28 Days Later. The Beach or Slumdog Millionaire.

Vincent Minnelli - Meet Me in St. Louis. Haven’t seen enough, but have liked all that I’ve seen.

Sam Peckinpah - The Wild Bunch or Pat Garret and Billy the Kidd. Need to see more.

Arthur Penn - Little Big Man. Don’t know.

James Whale - The Bride of Frankenstein. Don’t know.

Todd Browning - Freaks. Don’t know.

Edgar G. Ulmer - The Black Cat. don’t know.

Robert Zemeckis - Back to the Future. All of his CGI shit.

Powell and Pressburger - A Matter of Life and Death. Have liked ‘em all.

Yasujiro Ozu - Have only seen Tokyo Story, but will be seeing more soon.

Otto Preminger - Laura. don’t know.

Nicholas Ray - In a Lonely Place. Have Liked all that I’ve seen.

Jean Renoir - The Grand Illuison. Never made a bad one.

Nicolas Roeg - Don’t Look Now. Don’t know.

Eric Rohmer. Have only seen My Night at Maud’s, but I’ll get back to you soon.

Roberto Rossellini - Rome, Open City. Don’t know.

Douglas Sirk - All that Heaven Allows. Have only seen don’t know.

Steven Soderbergh - Traffic. The last two Ocean films.

Steven Spielberg - Minority Report or Raiders or Schindler’s List. The 2nd Jurrassic Park.

Andrei Tarkovsky - Solaris. All good.

Jacques Tati - Mon Oncle. Don’t know.

Paul Verhoven - Haven’t seen one.

Jean Vigo - L’Atalante. Didn’t make enough to make a bad one.

Raoul Walsh - The Roaring Twenties. Have liked all I’ve seen.

John Waters - Sorry...have only seen Cry Baby and don’t remember it.

Peter Weir - Haven’t seen enough of his films, and barely remember the ones I have seen.
Orson Welles - Citizen Kane. Have only seen the good ones.

Wim Winders - Wings of Desire. Haven’t seen enough.

Billy Wilder - Stalag 17. Have liked all I’ve seen.

William Wellman - The Ox-Bow Incident. Don’t know.

William Wyler - Dodsworth. Don’t know.

Wong Kar-wai - In the Mood for Love. Have only seen that.

Zhang Yimou - House of Flying Daggers. Don’t know.

Victor Fleming - The Wizard of Oz. Don’t know.

Mark Robson - Have only seen The Seventh Victim and it’s great.

Robert Wise - The Curse of the Cat People. Don’t know.

Josef von Sternberg - The Scarlet Empress. Have liked the ones I’ve seen.

Sam Fuller - Have only seen Pickup on South Street. Dying to see The Steel Helmet.

Roman Polanski - Chinatown or Rosemary’s Baby. The Ninth Gate.

John Cassavetes - Have only seen Faces and A Woman Under the Influence. Liked them both. Need to see Shadows.

John Boorman - Point Blank. Don’t know.

Tobe Hooper - Poltergeist. Don’t know.

Robert Rodriguez - Sin City. Haven’t seen enough of his shitty movies, but there are probably plenty.

William Friedkin - The Excorcist. Don’t know.

John Huston - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Have liked all I’ve seen.

Mike Leigh - Another Year. Have liked all I’ve seen.

Kathryn Bigelow - Have only seen The Hurt Locker. Didn’t like it much.
Oliver Stone - Don’t care.

Spike Lee - Do the Right Thing. Haven’t seen enough of his bad ones because I knew they’d be bad.

Gus van Sant - My Own Private Idaho. Don’t know.

Hayao Miyazaki - sorry nerds, haven’t seen one.

George Miller - I haven’t seen Babe in a long time. Can’t recall any others.

Darren Aronofsky - The Fountain. The Wrestler (not for Mickey Rourke though–one of his best).

Spike Jonze - Adaptation. Where the Wild Things Are.


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