Tuesday, November 22, 2011


THE FISHER KING is a great pick for Gilliam. Also, one of my favorites of his.

John, stop being so racist and watch PATHS OF GLORY. Everything Brandon says about it is spot-on. I think Brandon likes it the most because the final scene is actually...emotional. Who knew Kubrick had such a tender heart?

For the other directors Chris added,

Howard Hawks: B: The Big Sleep, W: of the ones I have seen, probably Sergeant York I like the least, but I don’t remember it very well.

Christopher Nolan: Same as Chris had.

Cameron Crowe: Same as Chris had.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet: B: The City of Lost Children, W: Probably A Very Long Engagement, which I liked.

Mike Nichols: Same as Chris had.

Same Mendes: B: Revolutionary Road, W: American Beauty

Hal Ashby: OS: Being There and it’s great.

Elia Kazan: B: On the Waterfront, W: of the ones I’ve seen, Gentleman’s Agreement isn’t as good as the others, but I still like it.

Sidney Lumet: B: Serpico, W: Network

Sydney Pollack: B: Tootsie, W: The Interpreter, but I haven’t seen a lot of his films.

I haven't decide who December's director will be yet, but I'll be thinking about it. I have one in mind though.

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