Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorry Ben

First, sorry for not watching and posting about INK sooner. But, hey, where's everyone else?

Second, sorry, but I have to be completely honest and say that I hated INK and couldn't stand watching it (what a jerk, I know). I almost don't want to get into the depth of my disdain for it because of how much you like it. I am curious to hear you defend it though. I'd like to know what specifically spoke to you in the film because seriously I got nothing out of it. And I don't say this last comment snidely but earnestly. I am interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on it.

I guess I can't say I hated it without mentioning a few reasons why. Again, sorry, this isn't meant to be mean, just honest. Let's see, I thought the acting and writing were both horrible for starters. This is one of the serious problems I have with certain indie films. I don't begrudge their lack of budget, but I do criticize their inability to focus on good, interesting writing and solid, believable performances. Honestly, with INK, all the flashy editing and showy camera techniques can’t make up for what is, in my opinion, an awful, unfathomable script. This filmmaker may know how to do cool tricks with his camera but he doesn't know how to direct actors and he doesn't know how to write. I have to completely agree with John and go even further: this film has poor delivery of heavy exposition, two-dimensional ideas, forced melodrama that doesn't earn our emotion, caricatures instead of rounded human beings, and just overall silliness.

And even the flashy stuff the filmmaker does with the camera isn't that great. Oftentimes, the editing is distracting and confusing, especially with the fight scenes, which suffer from the modern craze of choppy, over-editing, all done to dupe us into believing that the action is more exciting than it actually is. I wasn't at all impressed by anything the filmmaker did visually. It all kinda annoyed me.

Sorry for the brutal honesty, but I know you'll appreciate that more than me holding back or sugar-coating everything. I'm still very curious to hear your take on the film, and look forward to reading it!

And just so you don't think I've got it out for only you–I can say without any equivocation or hesitation that LADY IN THE WATER is one of the most unfiltered pieces of shit I've ever seen :)

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