Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What are some other "moon" or "kingdom" puns?

"Here I am saying all these really nice things such as 'you said it beautifully' and all you seemed to focus on was my supposed quarrelsome inquiry."

To be honest, your post could have used more nice things about how beautiful my post was.

"You claim that I’m trying to bait you here so I can turn your minor gripes into enormous ones and unfairly conclude that you hate the film. Isn’t that tantamount to taking a nice guy’s post, in which he addresses all of your positive points and tries to respond to them optimistically, and focusing only on the supposedly diabolical queries that serve only as bookends? "

How about taking a reasonable and well-written post from one of your most loyal friends and only focusing on the fake personal attack instead of all the rich and profound intellectual discussion? ;0) (I've got a big nose). Half of my post was focused on addressing your sinister trap and the other was focused on ass kissing. Did you read this part, "With that being said, I do agree with everything else you wrote back to me"? Could I have possibly written a more flattering or sweeter comment to you? Jeesh, try to butter a guy up and he thinks about socking ya in the glasses.

"I know that it’s petty to want you to raise the arbitrary/lazy star grade up a hair but it’s only because I was trying to hear what made you drop that extra half star, plus that was kind of sarcastic (my official film club alibi)."

Yes, it was petty :) and I was aware of the sarcasm. My post was sarcastic too. I just didn't use any emoticons. Perhaps I should have :( :*

I actually thought 4 stars was a great rating. Any modern film should be proud to get that. And in the 3 seconds it took me to give it that grade, I honestly thought that John would give me hell for granting it such a high rating. Little did I know that Brandon Petty would be the one to chastise me for not having it half a star high enough. Should I have given PROMETHEUS 2 and 1/3 stars instead of just 2? ;)

All right, just in case anyone couldn't tell, I'm being quite sarcastic here (duh, Jeff). And in all seriousness, I really like and agree with what you have written about MK, Brandon. I think, at this point, I'm just reserving all my unconditional love for THE MASTER (I may be a little biased towards that Anderson). I'd give those two teasers 5 stars already.

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