Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 10 Horror Films

Well, as a Halloween treat, here it is:  my favorite horror films list, in order of preference.  I don't really have time to write about each individually right now, but I'll try to write another post doing just that at some point.  A lot of great films that I love just missed out on the list, but I feel confident and content with the ten on here.  Enjoy:

10. The Thing From Another World (Christian Nyby & Howard Hawks, 1951)

9. Don't Look Now (Nicholas Roeg, 1973)

8. The Exorcist (William Friedkin, 1973)

7. The Bride of Frankenstein (James Whale, 1935)

6. Suspiria (Dario Argento, 1977)

5. The Spiral Staircase (Robert Siodmak, 1945)

4. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)

3. Rosemary's Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968)

2. Cat People (Jacques Tourneur, 1942)

1. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)

Really hard to leave off the list:  Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975), Eyes Without a Face (Georges Franju, 1960), Repulsion (Roman Polanski, 1965), The Changeling (Peter Medak, 1980), Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, 1978), Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978), The Haunting (Robert Wise, 1963), Peeping Tom (Michael Powell, 1960), Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton, 1999), Horror of Dracula (Terence Fisher, 1958), The Leopard Man (Jacques Tourneur, 1943)

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