Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 10 Treehouse of Horror Segments

Before I do a top 10 horror film list, I just wanted to post my top 10 favorite segments of THE SIMPSONS' Treehouse of Horror series.  Lots of hilarious ones to choose from.

10. The Homega Man (TOH VIII, Season (9)

Favorite quote/moment:

A tie between Homer reading the Gary Larson Calendar – "I don't get it.  I don't get it.  I don't get it. I don't...get it." – and this exchange:

Homer: You want me? Come and get me!
Mutant Moe: Get him!
Homer: D'oh!

9. The Devil and Homer Simpson (TOH IV, Season 5)

Favorite quote/moment:

After Homer's head is transformed into a doughnut, Chief Wiggum and the entire police force are outside waiting for him with their coffee mugs: "Don't worry, boys.  He's got to come out of there sometime!"

8. The Thing and I (TOH VII, Season 8)

Favorite quote/moment:

Lisa and Bart discovering the unsold copies of Homer's autobiography.

7. Lisa's Nightmare: "The Monkey's Paw" (TOH II, Season 3)

Favorite quote/moment:

Homer realizing the monkey's paw is actually inauspicious: "Come to think of it, the guy that sold me this thing did say the wishes would bring me grave misfortune.  I thought he was just being colorful."

6. Time and Punishment (TOH V, Season 6)

Favorite quote/moment:

A tie between –

Homer: "Wow...I've gone back to a time when dinosaurs weren't just confined to zoos."


Homer: "Stupid bug, you go squish now!"

5. Fly vs. Fly (TOH VIII, Season 9)

Favorite quote/moment: 

Professor Frink: "Good morning, m'am; good afternoon, sir.  It passed noon while I was speaking so that was technically accurate."

Homer trying to steal sugar from the mutant fly Bart is pretty hilarious too.

4. Dial 'Z' For Zombies (TOH III, Season 4)

Favorite quote/moment:

It's got to be –

Bart: "Dad, you killed the zombie Flanders!"
Homer: "He was a zombie?"

Still one of the all-time great jokes.

3. Clown Without Pity (TOH III, Season 4)

Favorite quote/moment:

Homer's vaudeville exchange with the GREMLINS shop owner:

Owner: Take this object, but beware it carries a terrible curse...
Homer: Ooooh, that's bad.
Owner: But it comes with a free frogurt!
Homer: That's good!
Owner: The frogurt is also cursed.
Homer: That's bad.
Owner: But you get your choice of toppings!
Homer: That's good!
Owner: The toppings contain Potassium Benzoate. [Homer stares blankly] That's bad.
Homer.  Can I go now?

Also great – Homer: "The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me!"

2. Bart Simpson's Dracula (TOH IV, Season 5)

Favorite quote/moment:

Far too many to single out just one.  But I'll go with a tie between:

Grampa: Quick, we have to kill the boy!
Marge: How'd you know he's a vampire?
Grampa: He's a vampire? Aaaaaahhh!

(Same joke as in Dial "Z" For Zombies but still genius).


Homer: "Oh Lisa, you and your stories.  Bart's a vampire; beer kills brain cells.  Now let's go back to that building...thingy...where our beds and"

Chief Wiggum's "most likely a mummy" comment kills me each time, too.

1. The Shinning (TOH V, Season 6)

Favorite quote/moment:

Another one with too many great quotes and moments to name.

My favorite, though, has to be Homer mimicking Jack Nicholson with the axe, trying to find the rest of his family:

Homer: Daaaaaavid Letterman!
Grampa: Hi David, I'm grampa.
Homer: D'oh!

Gets me every time.

Also hysterical:

Marge: [on radio] Husband on murderous rampage.  Send help.  Over.
Chief Wiggum: Whew, thank God that's over.  I was worried there for a little bit.


Homer: "Hmm. Cable's out.  Think I'll have a beer.  Hmm.  Not a drop in the house.  What do ya know."
Marge: "Homer, I'm impressed! You're taking this quite well.
Homer: "I'll kill you!  I'll kill all of you!"

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