Monday, December 5, 2011

1939 Revised

I revised my '39 list a little while ago after I had some time to think over all the films a bit more. They are all so terrific that it's hard to really choose between them. I suspect this list is in store for several more revisions over the years. Here's the new one:

1. The Rules of the Game (Renoir)
2. Stagecoach (Ford)
3. Ninotchka (Lubitsch)
4. The Roaring Twenties (Walsh)
5. Le Jour se leve (Carné)
6. Only Angels Have Wings (Hawks)
7. The Wizard of Oz (Fleming)
8. Young Mr. Lincoln (Ford)
9. Destry Rides Again (Marshall)
10. Gone with the Wind (Fleming)

11. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Capra)
12. Another Thin Man (van Dyke)
13. Each Dawn I Die (Keighley)

THE WOMEN has still alluded me, which I'm disappointed about.
I have a copy of JAMAICA INN, and will try to get to it soon. Glad it made your list because I'm excited to see it now.

I loved reading all your thoughts on these films dude. I've been writing too much for school, so I don't really have the energy or brain capacity to add anything more right now. I wouldn't be able to offer any worthwhile insight, and I basically agree with all you wrote any way. The only things I will say are that THE RULES OF THE GAME deserves all the praise and reverence it receives. It's astonishing filmmaking. I'm glad you got to re-watch it. And I absolutely recommend seeing LE JOUR SE LEVE, of course. It's right up there with the very best of this year and pretty much any year. You'll love it.

Great list. Hopefully when I get some free time soon I can interact more with it.

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