Thursday, December 22, 2011

1940 and maybe more!

I can completely sympathize with John and anyone else who isn't feeling the impetus to post. I just graduated a week ago, so I've been enjoying the freedom from writing for a bit. It's certainly refreshing. But I have been watching a lot of movies, and I'm really excited by all the new posts, so I figured it's time to get back into it.

One of the best films I've seen recently (in addition to Ozu's masterpiece LATE SPRING) is Bresson's A MAN ESCAPED. It deserves a place along side THE GRAND ILLUSION and STALAG 17 as one of the great POW films ever made. It's incredible, and if it weren't for THE SEARCHERS, it would be my top film of 1956.

Lisa, great to have you back for a bit!

Jason, I hope you got to see CHRISTMAS IN JULY at the theater as well. I watched it for the first time last night–it's supremely lovable.

Ben, I hope you can make the top 10 push. I'm tying to make mine at least respectable soon. We shall see. Brandon's way ahead.

Brandon, great posts on KEVIN and IDES OF MARCH. I don't have anything else to add, as you basically said everything I was trying to say only better. I'm jealous that you've seen THE SKIN I LIVE IN. However, I did just see MONEYBALL, and I hope to have a post up soon. Tonight is THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO; did ya watch it yet?

John, I'm excited for that year in review. My brother not named Chris gave me a chord to plug my computer into my dad's enormous HD tv, so I'm happy to report that I can watch THE MILL AND THE CROSS on the biggest screen I can find outside of a theater. Excited for it. Also, I watched I CONFESS and it's great. I'll try to post on it more sometime soon.

I saw your 1940 list on the site. I just finished mine as well:

1. The Shop Around the Corner (Lubitsch)
2. Christmas in July (Sturges)
3. Rebecca (Hitchcock)
4. His Girl Friday (Hawks)
5. The Great Dictator (Chaplin)
6. Foreign Correspondent (Hitchcock)
7. The Grapes of Wrath (Ford)
8. Pinocchio (Lots of people)
9. City for Conquest (Litvak)
10. The Great McGinty (Sturges)

HM: The Philadelphia Story (Cukor), The Bank Dick (Cline), The Sea Hawk (Curtiz)

I, of course, cannot resist joining you and Brandon in absolutely adoring THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER. Nor can I resist joining you in ranking CHRISTMAS IN JULY so highly. The rest are all pretty great in my opinion. I haven't seen THE PHILADELPHIA STORY in a while so I didn't feel comfortable putting it on the list. My '44 list should be done soon.

Sorry I can't write any more than that, but my brain is Christmas mush.

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