Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quickly, before my '36 post...

John, you see how much I do respect your opinion on films? I woke up from my nap, wrote that post explaining why I didn't want to watch JDB, then realized it didn't sit right with me. I have always trusted your film judgment, implicitly. Why renege now? I'll give JDB more than half a chance because of your faith in it. Like I said, I owe you that much.

And I do believe you love it for all the right reasons. The supposed Korine fans I've met have all been those who seem to treat film viewership like a gauntlet. They're the same ones who tried to defend Todd Solondz to me. I've always considered GUMMO to be a part of that HAPPINESS/KIDS gimmick crowd, just because of the way its fans seemed to encourage its depravity along. So, I've gathered a bad impression of Korine as a result. Brandon's and Ben's repudiations seemed like the death knell.

However, I'm ready to look past all of that and give JDB a chance, just for you John. In fact, if you put Bresson's LANCELOT DU LAC in my hand at some point, I will watch JDB at your command. haha.

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