Sunday, April 3, 2011

Michelle Monaghan is a babe

Source Code was a lot of fun. The more I think about it the more I appreciate it. I watched it with some of my best friends on a beautiful day and it really made me feel good. It’s a seriously (as you put it Brandon) life-affirming picture. It’s incredibly kindhearted, compassionate, and humanistic. As I said to Brandon after watching it, it’s anti-Funny Games. It’s not vicious towards its characters or the audience but is deeply concerned about both. It values human life and human relationships. That sort of care can be refreshing, and it certainly was in this film.
It’s an easy connection to make but Groundhog Day has the same sort of humanism to it. Both films deal with issues of time and existence (and repetition of course), and both have these beautiful life-affirming messages that make you appreciate and love being alive.

I think the reason the film works is because of it’s heart. It’s a solid mystery/thriller but it’s interest in human life is what sets it apart.

Brandon, you are very right. It is an old fashioned picture. It feels like something I would have rented from the video store when I was 13 and loved. Just a solid flick that is well executed, kind, and has something interesting to say.

Jake Gyllenhaal is terrific in the movie. Charismatic and charming. When was the last time he was so good? It’s been a while.

I’ll say it again, Michelle Monaghan is a babe.

Some of the shit in the movie is mad cheesy, but ultimately those bits seemed whimsical to me not cringe worthy. This is a romantic flick with a big heart disguised as an action thriller.

I don’t remember Jeffrey Wright smoking at all.

I’m sticking with Duncan Jones. He’s official.

Brandon - I’m coming at you for some of your picks. I’ll explain some of my picks better too. I want at least a B+/A-, that F has left a bad taste in my mouth. Way to stir shit up dude haha. I love it.

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