Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh seven

Lisa, welcome back! Hope you had a nice vacation.

Glad you have a lot of love for Laura Linney too. I still need to see her show dealing with cancer (though, I agree, a tough issue to deal with). She’s awesome in everything. You Can Count on Me is one of my favorite movies, and she is astonishing in it. It’s amazing how realistic she is in everything. So impressive.

Thanks for supplying your own haunted house list. I haven’t seen House on Haunted Hill in a long time and don’t really remember it. I should see it again. I saw 1408 and had similar reaction to you and Brandon, though was disappointed that it wasn’t scarier. You should definitely see The Changeling for this upcoming Halloween. Great picks though.

Sorry about writing the wrong title and swindling you, Brandon. I realized that I previously had 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days at number 5 on my top 10 list. That’s how I got confused. Shameful.

There Will Be Blood is extremely risky. I agree. It just goes wild and is completely unfettered. It all builds towards that operatic ending that is just certifiably weird and ballsy and ends being brilliant. I did know that the shooting the fire sequence was in real time. Amazing, right? Sooo much risk involved, but so much talent involved to make sure it happened perfectly. It’s funny that the smoke from that fire traveled into the shooting location of No Country for Old Men. Two brilliant films connected by fire and smoke.

I completely agree with everything you said about No Country for Old Men. Perfection indeed.

Yes, my favorite killing scene in Zodiac is the one in broad daylight as well. It’s very disturbing for all the reasons you gave. It’s so natural...scary natural. There’s nothing cinematic about it to remove you from it. It’s just there, plain as day, and absolutely frightening.

I can understand wanting something creepier for the ending of Sunshine. I was hoping for something a bit more mysterious and frightening myself. But I wasn’t that disappointed because everything else was so impressive that I didn’t care.

Haunted spaceship film. Hell yes. Shit would be awesome.

Sorry about my glib response about pro-lifers. My Bill Hicks anti-pro-lifer side kicked in. I agree with you that it’s important for each side to imagine what the other is thinking. That is how you can come together. I’ll reserve all my hatred for the religious right for a different blog.
I don’t think you are arguing this, but I just want to make this clear. Just because you are pro-choice doesn’t mean you are somehow anti-life. I think that is where 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days falls. It cares about life, but obviously expresses the need to have a safe option for abortion available. I haven’t seen Lake of Fire, but have seen some of the clips with Chomsky discussing the issue and I’m with him all the way. Surprising, right?

I looked up Offside (I’m ashamed that I hadn’t even heard of it) after seeing it on your list. I’m very interested in seeing it now. I’m enormous soccer fan, and the whole idea behind it sounds very powerful indeed. I’ll check it out for sure.

Superbad is consistently hilarious. I agree. And I agree about what you said about Death Proof. It is bat-shit and does go all out. I liked it for those reasons but disliked it for dragging a bit. I should see it again though. Maybe I’d like it more now.

I haven’t seen Hold That Ghost...thanks for spoiling the ending haha. Kidding. I need to catch more Abbott and Costello pictures.

We will probably disagree more about 2006. Oh well, the honeymoon can’t last forever...

Oh, and I agree John. Cagney is awesome. Can’t imagine anyone not digging him.
I saw The Bank Dick a while back and thought it was fun. That’s my only Fields exposure.

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