Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing in particular

I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately...been focusing on school work. I have another break coming soon, so I’ll probably watch more flicks then.

I watched The Fighter a few days ago. It was all right. Solid performances all around. David O. Russell’s direction seemed kind of generic. I kept waiting for the film to exude some sense of style, but it seemed stuck within its own world of formula and convention. Not that I can’t appreciate convention from time to time, I just thought with someone like Russell at the helm that more would have been done. The ESPN style boxing scenes were a decent touch, but is that enough to warrant a unique vision? I don’t know. Whatever, I’m probably being too picky. My friend really liked it. But she was expected a straight up boxing flick, and instead got a movie about a crackhead. She said she was pleasantly surprised.

I also watched Muppets Take Manhattan last night. Delightful, even if I prefer some of the other Muppet flicks instead. I hadn’t seen it in years, so it was great to see again. Love the Muppet baby intro sequence. I grew up watching Muppet Babies on Nick Jr. It was my favorite thing in the world (along with Winnie the Pooh). I would get tremendously excited to watch it after pre-school.
Anything Muppets makes me happy. I’m curious about this new Muppet movie that Jason Segel is creating. I hope it’s awesome. Fingers crossed.

Cynicism probably does win people over easily. But so does anything overly positive. I can be a sucker for either one at times like a lot of people. I think it’s healthy to revel in both without becoming too ensconced in either position. John, I like your metaphor on shitting. Cynicism is for the constipated, but then optimism is diarrhea. Let us find a balance between the two and not delude ourselves.

Kubrick’s cynicism probably was influenced by his relationship to his family. He loved them and was protective of them. He was also selective when it came to people, so he spent a lot of time in isolation. He was an interesting and peculiar fellow who put a lot of himself into his movies. I think you can appreciate his films without having to subscribe to his views on life or people.

Bunuel’s That Obscure Object of Desire was just added to NWI. It’s a pretty great film. I recommend it. I’ll probably re-watch it myself soon; it’s been too long.

Also, the complete series of Twin Peaks was just added too. Awesomeness. I need Dale Cooper back in my life again.

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