Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Brandon, I love going to the theater as well and will continue to do so no matter how unreasonably priced the tickets become. I pray that they never become obsolete in our increasingly “everything on demand” culture. Let’s definitely do a best theater experiences next. I was going to recommend that too.

Great picks. Fun to read. I’m sorry about the way I treated you during Scream 2. I didn’t know it was you behind me!

I was going to put Kazaam on my best theater going experiences haha. What an awful/awesome movie.

I don’t have really any great stories about bad experiences. Mostly, I just remember watching bad movies. I don't know how to rank these, so here they are in random order.

Year One - Caveat emptor. I should have known better. A Miserable experience that made me question whether life is really worth living.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - Episode I was horrible enough, but this was a different beast entirely. I was young enough to still be excited for this. Thirty seconds in, all excitement was vanquished. Episode III was another bad movie and bad experience. I had just gotten dumped by a girl several hours before I saw it...the movie compounded my misery.

Lady in the Water: I saw this with my friend (and your friend, Brandon) Todd. He’s a great guy to watch movies with, but this was such a piece of shit.

Transformers: I stopped watching the movie after a while and just started staring off into space blankly. It was exponentially more interesting.

Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions - Don’t need to even go into why these were both such awful experiences.

X2: X-Men United - I liked the movie, but had a severe cold and struggled to prevent myself from coughing every thirty seconds. A drag for me and probably for everyone else in the theater. A similar coughing fit happened to my brother during Black Swan, and he almost had to leave the theater but was finally able to contain it. Colds and movie theaters do not mix well.

George of the Jungle - Even as a young kid, I could still identify this as garbage when I saw it. What made it worse was being in a really small, crappy theater with people talking and being obnoxious the whole time.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 - I liked the movie quite a lot, but the sound in the theater (saw it in Myrtle Beach) was INSANELY loud. I can handle loud pretty well...but this was beyond my capacity, especially for a movie.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Don’t remember the movie at all. I was 13 and spent the entirety of it making out with my then girlfriend. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, one of my best friends was with his entire family only a few rows back. We had a nice horribly awkward exchange when the lights in the house came on at the end.

Not in a theater but...Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - Saw it with my best friends and their kids at a drive-in. I couldn’t hear anything and had no idea what has happening in a movie that is already hard to follow as it is. Oh well, I slept through the ending.

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