Thursday, April 21, 2011


I’m with you, Brandon. Abortion is a tough issue, but one that we should be able to discuss.
Openness and sincerity is the most important part of communication. We don’t need to check ourselves. Cheers to being open to discuss everything and to hating the religious right and any other dogmatic shitheads with all our blogging might! Like I said, I’m with you, brother.

Late term abortions are extremely problematic and not something I am for. I care about protecting potential humans just as I care about the women that give birth to them. We need safe options available for women up until a certain point in the pregnancy, agreed. And we don’t need hypocrites denying women the right to their bodies in the name of “life” when they don’t give a shit about any of the life that is actually around them. I know we can agree on that too.

I agree Art does reflect reality and it’s cool that we can discuss all kinds of issues in life through the vessel of art. I didn’t think you were trying to reproach me; I just didn’t want to seem disingenuous.

Talking politics is an awful task, but brother you can talk to me about them any time. I’m always interested in what you have to say.

Dude, beautiful underrated films list. I’m glad you specified your picks as post 1980. I had something similar in mind when I was thinking of the potential for a list myself. I’m going to get on my own list immediately.

Great picks. Tombstone. Hell yes. I really solid movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is awesome. It’s crazy how gritty that one is in comparison to the next two. They lightened the franchise up a bit. But, I still have love for Secret of the Ooze because I loved everything TMNT as a kid. Like most of us.

“It’s Raph. Yeah, a little too Raph.”

Catch Me if You Can is a blast. I dig that one too. It’s hard to turn away from Spielberg. He’s responsible for my and most of our childhoods.

Dumb and Dumber is actually straight up brilliant. Yeah, like many of us, a film I can quote almost entirely from memory, yet will still watch it every weekend that it is on TBS. Something else that made my childhood.

I need to see some of the movies on your list though. Like The Mask of Zorro (I think my dad is big fan of this too), Next Day Air, Ginger Snaps, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (I hear good things).

Hard to argue with any of your picks, my man. I’ll get thinking about mine.

I’m with you too, Jason. I pretty much like or enjoy most of the movies I see too. I find it hard to make lists but do it anyway because....I don’t know why. I never really feel that strongly against most movies that I see (the really bad ones are exceptions). I was telling this to Brandon a while ago. He has these great, emphatic reactions against certain films, and I usually do not. The kid in me still wants to enjoy or be impressed by almost everything.

I need to see The Orphanage. I realized that while making my list. I bet it's great.

Nice selection of Coraline. Imaginative pick, indeed. And Cube. Not a haunted house flick necessarily but haunted in its own way. Wow, I haven’t seen that in forever. Loved it when I saw it as a young lad.

Let me just say, you know a lot more about horror flicks than I do. I dig that. I’m too scared to watch Hellraiser. The VHS box gave me nightmares as a kid.

Ben, Candy is a pretty solid book, but if you love the movie then stick with the movie. I do that with certain movies I love based on books. Keep ‘em separate. If you read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, you might not like the movie. I pretty much always dislike the movie if I have read the book first; are you the same way? I can never view the movie on its own terms, for better or worse.


  1. sounds like we are on the same page abortion wise. good to know.