Thursday, July 7, 2011

All quiet on the film club front

Whispering in Malick films can be overly delicate at times. I get that for sure. I'm never really annoyed by it, but probably because I rarely hear whispering in films, so it's not that tired for me.

Malick a Christian? Well, whatever he needs to do to get by. Still, I kinda like him as man asking questions not buying into answers. TTOL seems kinda Christian in a non-Christian sort of way though (in that it is religious and spiritual but most Christians would probably not be interested in it).

I see that Ignatiy gave Transformers a good review. Yikes. Hopefully he finds this blog post and lets me have it. Maybe after three Transformer shitfests you are just so worn down and beaten that you give in and start finding specious reasons for liking it like the 3-D is awesome.

I've watched a ton of 30s movies lately and I gotta finish The Rules of the Game. I could post on all that stuff, but I'm too lazy. I hear you Brandon. Bring on Season of the Witch!!!

All right, so Brandon neglected to mention that he wants my brother Chris to join film club. I'm all for having him in, I just warn you all that he and I have practically the same exact opinion on all the movies we see. We have extremely similar tastes only I seem to watch more older and foreign films than he does. I'm slowly trying to get him into lots of the classics. Anyway, his name is Chris. He's a great dude and my best friend. The blog he has now is one where he posts all kinds of things. You can see his and my Simpson episode rankings!

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