Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, yeah

I forgot something. Chris talked about this a little bit too. Jason, I think Sleeper is very funny, and I like it a lot. I rank all of Woody's 70s comedies very highly. I, like Chris, though think that Love and Death is his best strictly comedic film from the 70s. But, in terms of ranking Sleeper in Woody's oeuvre, I would have it in my t0p 10 of all his films. If you asked me to rank my top 10 right now it'd look something like this:

1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Annie Hall
3. Manhattan
4. Crimes and Misdemeanors
5. Love and Death
6. Broadway Danny Rose
7. Sleeper
8. The Purple Rose of Cairo
9. Take the Money and Run/Bananas
10. Stardust Memories

Clearly, I tend to value Woody's dramedies more than his strictly comedic fare. But I still love his comedies.

Also, I'm glad you liked Captain America. I'm interested in seeing it as well as Brandon and have higher hopes for it than some of the other super hero flicks this summer.

Anyone going to Cowboys & Aliens this weekend?

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