Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This isn't film related, but film club related.

Okay, so here's how it all went down. It's actually pretty hilarious. A perfect storm if you will.

Brandon posts this to me after he thinks I'm being too serious with my first post on The Passion:

"Jeff, don’t be bashful dude. I don’t think it’s gotten out of hand. Is anyone truly angry or hurt here? If so then stop taking yourselves so seriously and make a joke or something."

So I respond with:

"haha Brandon, I wasn't getting too serious was I? I didn't mean to be so, at least. I know no one's feelings are hurt on here. Mine certainly never are."

Then John does a post making fun of me and Bataille and asks everyone to stop being so PC and apologetic. I knew he was being playful here. So, taking Brandon's advice, I post a joking attack at John and God. I knew that John wanted this out of me instead of some apology, and he even thanked me for it. There was nothing serious about it and I thought that was understood, hence the "I hate movies" comment.

Then, Brandon texts me saying "are you ok dude? your last post seemed kind of serious."

I immediately thought he was joking and referencing his call for me to be less serious.

I thought, "surely he's being sarcastic because my post was obviously in jest."

Still, I was about to write back, "I'm fine man, I was just messing around," but then I thought that if I did this, he would call me a pussy for backing down and for not recognizing that he was joking himself.

So, instead I write back, thinking he knows I'm joking, that I am depressed and cutting my wrists.

He writes back, "wait dude, r u serious?"

Here, I'm about to write, "no I'm not being serious. Just joking." But again, I think he's still joking and that he'll call me out for backing down. So, I write, "are you being serious? cause I'm not. I'm listening to Dashboard Confessional while crying."

I think the Dashboard reference gave the whole thing up. But still he writes and asks if I'm being serious because he's about to leave his anniversary dinner to check on me. Again, I almost think he is fucking with me and I'm about to keep it going, but then I realize that he hasn't been joking from the beginning and his original text was serious. I quickly let him know it was all a joke and am surprised that he hasn't been joking himself.

This is why texting is so much fun!

It's a pretty great prank–too bad I didn't know it was one. I don't mind fucking with you so much Brando, but I feel terrible for texting you during your anniversary dinner with Tara. Tell her that I'm really sorry. Awful timing on my part.

I think (and hope) you are the only one who thought it was a serious spat Brando. Come on, I'm never that serious, ever. Especially not on here. As soon as I start being mean, you know its sarcasm. I'm surprised you of all people took me seriously. You're getting a little too sensitive in your old age. Quit being such a pussy :)

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