Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That's it!

Ouch, reducing Bataille solely to Story of an Eye and then calling him a joke is cold. You're going down Owen!

Give me Bataille's theories on immanence and even his Story of an Eye any day over bullshit fantasy afterlives and magical bearded dudes in the clouds who can hear your thoughts, direct the course of your life, and make sure you hang out with your pals in some perfect perpetual world after you die instead of burning in some fiery pit with Hitler and Pol Pot.

Here's another favorite Bataille quote of mine:

"Pathetic creatures on their knees...tirelessly, naively repeating, 'Don't take our word for it! Alas, we're not all that logical. We say God–though in reality God is a person, a particular individual. We speak to him. We address him by name–he is the God of Abraham and Jacob. We treat him just like anybody else, like a personal being....' So he's a whore?"

Comparing believing in God to believing in monsters was a mistake. It's an insult to monsters.

Fuck film club. I hate movies. I'm gonna turn this blog into my own space for rants against Christians, Republicans, Pro-lifers, and the elderly.

End transmission.

So, you guys wanna talk about My Future Boyfriend? It just got added to NWI. It looks good. It looks damn good. I've been waiting years for Michael Lange to come out with a new film. If the word "auteur" ever deserved to be applied to anyone, it's him. I never thought he'd be able to top his last film, Breadwinners, but with MFB it looks like he just might have.

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