Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brandon's list

I know, via Facebook, I had that dig on you for picking THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO at #1, but it was all in good fun. Truthfully, I respect you for going out on a limb and sticking unabashedly to a film you believe in regardless of what anyone else says. I may not like it as much as you, but I'm not you. So there's that. Keep on lovin' it.

Well, dude, you asked us to be critical of your list, but how can we? It's not like you presented it as an objective compilation of the best films of the year, but as your own personal favorites. You do a great job defending each pick and telling us why you like it so much. What's there to criticize? The only thing I can be critical of (purely subjectively mind you) is that I think you slightly overrate TGWTDT and completely underrate THE TREE OF LIFE (and BOONME, but that's on last years list for me). However, when you see my list with TGWTDT in the honorable mention slot and TTOL at the top, you can say absolutely the opposite about me. I really not surprised that TGWTDT is at the top of your list cause I know how much you love it. But I am surprised that TTOL fell so far.

Come on, man; It's all or nothing! When it comes to Malick, you are either with us or against us! Either put it at #1 or don't bother putting it on the list at all! :)

Just joking, of course. I'm sure there are crazed Malick fans out there that feel that way though. Surely, you can place it anywhere on your list, but you are a Malick fan, so I think it's kinda strange that you still feel as if this film (which, to me, is just a continuation of his other masterpieces) is disappointing enough that it can't even crack the top 10.

But, I already know that you are saying this about me as a Fincher fan too. Perhaps, we'll both come around some day and admit these two are masterpieces. I'm hoping that's the case.

The rest of your list is really solid. I'm dying to see TINKER TAILOR after finding it at the #3 spot. I'm still really eager to see THE SKIN I LIVE IN as well. I'm really pleased to see LE HAVRE crack the top 10, though I thought you couldn't read, so I guess it was primarily a visual delight for you. No, I knew you'd love it; it's for anyone who loves the spirit and friendship of old movies. You'd have to be a real hardened PoMo cynic to dismiss it, and that you are not. The other films on the list (that I've seen) I really like or love so I can't fault any of 'em.

All in all, impressive list man. It's got character, honesty, variety, and depth. Mine's gonna suck.

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