Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the gauzy cottony look reminded me of snow

John, I think that sickness has made you delirious. Tomorrow you're gonna wake up and realize that VAMPYR is a great, literary masterpiece.

I guess I didn't find the use of text to be all that egregious. I was too impressed by everything else to even feel as if it were distracting, and that's the difference between our impressions.

"BUT! It's precisely the "how" that I'm calling into question here. Specifically "how" Dreyer uses text in the film. This relates to the entire "how" of the visual structure of the film. I think that it breaks the flow, neatens things up, and renders the whole ridiculous. I think that Dreyer fails in his "how" by trying to tidy things up."

You see, I completely disagree. I don't think that Dreyer's complete "how" (wow, my bad for introducing this phrase, it's already lost anything it ever had) is made ridiculous by his use of text. I guess I don't even understand why it's such a problem.

Actually, I don't think it's the sickness getting to you. I think you made a mistake and actually watched this instead of Carl Dreyer's masterwork:

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