Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What's up with all THE TREE OF LIFE bashing? I'm gonna put it at every slot on my 2011 top 10 list just to stick it to all of you haters :)

Of course, John was only kidding with his post. What he meant to say and what the real Malick fan would say is that you can't recall one single worthwhile moment because every single millisecond of it was so achingly beautiful, artistically genuine, and intellectually profound that picking out a certain moment and preferring it to another would be an unconscionable disservice to its perfection as a cinematic totality. Right, John?

Looks like I'm gonna have to CLOCKWORK ORANGE all of you with Malick's complete filmography until you are ready to admit that THE TREE OF LIFE is the greatest thing to happen to the universe since the Big Bang.

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