Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey, not so fast!

A very fine and amusing point, John, (especially in all caps), BUT you forget that I don't see Midnight in Paris as the self-congratulatory, ego-inflating, masturbatory-inducing affair that you do! I see it more as a riff on the historical and romantic idea of Paris with one man being the voyager through this idea.

The way I see twitter compared to the way Ben sees it is a nice analogy for the way you see Midnight compared to the way I see it. Who's right in all this? Probably not me either way.

I was mostly joking about twitter when I wrote that line (hence the "haha"–Ben, I'm not trying to be mean). I really don't have that much of a problem with twitter other than being annoyed by it. Ben proves that twitter can be used for lots of important things. I think I just like the image of a "a society so narcissistic it might fuck itself to death" a little too much. While twitter can certainly feed into narcissism for many, it isn't the only culprit in our society. I think reality tv and advertising deserve more of that blame.

And you know what, even if Midnight is narcissism (though I won't concede this), at least it's the kind of narcissism I can get behind–neurotic nerd narcissism. My favorite.

(in Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmm...neurotic nerd narcissism.

Also, Jason and John are both right about education. You can have great teachers (I've had some great ones) that make schooling worthwhile, and it's always important to be humble with what you know. Which is why I'm always the first to admit that I don't know anything.

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