Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't believe that law passed

What’s next, people marrying couch cushions? Jesus, I can’t believe people who love each other are allowed to get married all of the sudden. It sickens me. I’m gonna go shoot a wolf from a helicopter to take my mind off everything.

John, I've got blog fever too.

Lisa, don’t let that clown Brandon debate for you. You may have gotten baby faced Brandon on Saturday, but 9 times out of 10 he’s rocking a nasty stache. Don’t let him fool you. He’s a dirtbag at heart.

I’m not familiar with musicals, but you made your point clearly and I understood what you were saying for sure. The jerk side of me says that people are at fault for not caring about challenging art. But the non-jerk side of me realizes that certainly many people have not had the proper education or home life that ever encouraged embracing challenging art. My beef is with people who have the means and should know better but still choose to disavow challenging art (Many of my friends even fall in this category, and my ex-girlfriend was like this, which was something I didn’t like about her). I think TTOL is extremely difficult to decipher, but I kinda wouldn’t have it any other way, you know? People who are interested in vapid shit get a majority of the tv shows and a majority of the movies. Can’t we who like to be challenged have something for ourselves? haha. I get the idea that it would be great if something as beautiful as TTOL could be enjoyed by more people, but I really would never want it to compromise itself.

I think Malick is one of the few consistently great directors that I love (Kubrick and Kieslowski too). It’s probably because he’s made so few films. Certainly, not all the directors I love are like this. I love Bergman and some of his stuff is weaker than his greatest films. But I can have an intransigent love for everything he does because I am in love with his style. So I’m guilty of stubbornly adhering to directors a lot. I was just arguing that Malick is different to me.

Paul Thomas Anderson is a modern director who is consistent as hell too. He’s never made a bad film. David Fincher is someone who has made one mediocre film (not counting Alien 3) which is Panic Room, but even that I dig because I love Fincher. I guess it depends on the filmmaker. Sometimes I’m a snob and sometimes the films speak for themselves.

I hate when people pretend to love or understand something just because they want other people to think they do. I'm with you. I really try to check myself on this because I think it’s a lousy practice. I’m comfortable with what I love and I don’t feel the need to show off (who would I show off to?). I think we are all like that here, which is awesome.

Ben, that’s some unbelievable, off the hook juggling. Did you have to make it so inaccessible to non-jugglers like me though?

Oh and Brandon, after you’re done watching Piranha 3-D again, save a bud light for me bro.

If you didn’t choose to bring your “big fat sap” emotions to Titanic than you chose to bring your cold, critical, detached emotions to it on some level. I think their is some choice there. I can feel instant emotions but I can also use reason to change/alter those emotions so that they don’t get the best of me. Titanic was trying to cue you to be a fucking crybaby, but you chose to resist. Think about Super 8. There’s that moment like in every blockbuster when Joe is applying make-up to Alice and that emotional piano comes in the background to cue you to feel the tenderness towards her that he does. The movie is giving you two choices. Feel what he feels or be critical and feel like you’re too smart to fall for that trap. Now think about TOL, does it ever cue you into an emotional trap where you have to feel one way or the other? If so, let’s debate that shit! I don’t think it does though. I think you can watch the film and feel a wide range of emotion because it allows you to. It’s not cuing you in to feel one way or the other. So I guess all I’m trying to say is fuck you.

You didn’t bring your big fat sap emotions to Titanic? What are you made of stone?!

Okay, all antagonism against you aside, I do agree with you about lots that you said.

“I don’t know, Malick looks at things like I do. He is taken aback by things that seem to bore the American Idol crowd. This is where I become a snob. I admire him for being THAT GUY."

Yeah man, that pretty much sums it up for me too. I feel like he's a kindred spirit. Also, I can understand the pressure of feeling like you needed to defend the film afterwards. That protracted ending was just adding undue pressure. I was actually scared for it to end. My heart was pounding. I didn’t know what final image it would leave me with, and also I didn’t want it to end. I don’t think I ever lost my trance (maybe because I expected it to require all my patience?) and didn’t really in The New World either. I can understand not wanting to be pulled away from the beautiful world of the Natives, but the contrast of civilizations was necessary. Pocahantas needed to see her own “new world” in England too, even if it is a shithole by comparison.

Again I probably am a bitch about certain directors. Woody Allen anyone? I adored Scoop for christsakes.

But also again, I still stick by my love for Malick as not being bitchy. He’s never made a bad or questionable film.

Haha We definitely were the biggest creeps on Saturday, watching the Real L Word and salivating like 13-year-olds. I can’t wait to watch it again. This time I will be jerking off on your couch for sure (sorry Tara). In fact, you’ll probably find me passed out in the morning, dick in hand, with the show paused on the tv. Be prepared brother.

Yeah...This beard should probably go. It’s apparently made me a clear thinking, sarah palin loving, gay marriage hating, perverted, snobby creeper. Or maybe it has just unleashed my true inner spirit. Woohoo! Let's have some assault weapons for all, gay marriage for none, and tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy while pretending like we actually give a shit about the well-being of all Americans! Who's with me?!


  1. Did you notice the subtle "claw" grab at the 1:39 mark? No? Srsly? If I'm not mistaken, that move was invented back in 1882 by the performer known only as Bluestocking. Interesting side note: to this day historians are unsure of Bluestocking's gender. However, based on my research (google "bluestocking") I feel confident in saying "she."