Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Way Behind

Lisa, sorry I didn’t follow up on Midnight in Paris over the weekend. I got busy, and frankly the days fly by so quickly that a week feels like a day and I forget to post. I’ve also been waiting to see it with my brother (a fellow Woody Allen devotee) and he was busy all weekend so I couldn’t go. However, he did have some free time this afternoon so we decided to go–a spur of the moment kind of thing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t near a computer to invite you or any others to see it with us (blogging is a really inefficient way to get a hold of someone). I would have really liked to have seen it with you and Ben! Thanks for the invite though–much appreciated.

The Tree of Life. So, Lisa and Ben can’t make Friday and Jason doesn’t live near us. That only leaves Brandon, John, and myself. If you fellas want to go Friday, then I’m with you. If Saturday works better for you Lisa, then could we make that happen instead fellas? I’m down with either day if anyone else wants to work something out. I also wouldn’t mind going mid-week with Ben or waiting like John suggested for the wide release. Whatever time works where we can get the most of us together would be ideal. I’d like this to be a film club event too John.

If we do go Friday though Lisa, then I’d be interested in getting together to meet you before you leave. I’d be great to meet you. I want to meet everyone in film club at some point. It’s just really nice to finally meet someone you only know through writing so that you can read their stuff with their voice in your head instead of some imagined one. John you seemed pretty intimidating through your writing and then I met you and you’re just the nicest guy.

I seem pretty stupid through my writing, and then you meet me and I’m...pretty stupid. D’oh!

I also saw Super 8 immediately after MIP. I’d post about them both now and respond to everyone but there’s waaaay too much to say, and unlike Lisa, I can’t write anytime after 10 pm. My brain shuts off at night.

I’ll post about Midnight and Super 8 tomorrow and respond to all the juicy debate that’s been happenin’. I’ve been jealous of it.

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