Thursday, June 23, 2011

I knew I forgot something

I meant to mention something about Saturday in my earlier posts. I'd love to get together. All options can work for me.

option 1.) Tree o' life at 4:20. I could make it to Binghamton. I don't have the funds or the proper vehicle to make it to Ithaca (my car is a travesty). I'd have to snag a ride to Ithaca with someone. Though, I might also add–If someone is driving to Ithaca by taking 81, getting off at Whitney Point, and going from there, that'd be awesome. I'm actually much closer to Whitney Point then Binghamton. I could meet someone at that really big gas station in WP on Rt. 11/79 (do any frequent takers of this route have any idea what I mean by my vague description?). If this is feasible for anyone, then we can obviously share cell numbers and all that to make sure the timing is accurate. If no one is taking this way that is willing to drive, then I can meet in Binghamton somewhere. Not a problem, for me at least.

option 2.) I'm sure I could make it to your place at any time, John. Sounds awesome.

option 3.) We might need more than a bottle of rum for Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Whatever the majority sayeth, I'm in. Though apparently there's no Jason or Ben. Rats!

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