Thursday, March 24, 2011

"And you were there, and you and you..."

I think Funny Games is funny. I laughed throughout it (perhaps I'm sick too). It works as trash; I agree. As pure nihilism without the moral preaching on violence, it is a great joke. If you watch it as a joke (without any seriousness), it is a blast.

The Piano Teacher is not a blast...

I liked (500) Days of Summer enough to put it in my top 10. I don't know if it's one of the top 10 greatest films of 2009, but I found it charming so I added it. I am fan of JGL and Zooey. Zooey is adorable and very talented (as an actress and singer). She makes me appreciate the things she is in more than I probably should (except for The one could save that disaster).

Agreed, Black Swan should be debated and should be divisive. It’s a film that just goes for it, and anytime that happens there will be people that are not willing to go along. Aronofsky is a great filmmaker (Ben, The Fountain is also my favorite of his and one of my favorites of the last decade). The next Preminger in terms of controversy or in terms of talent? I think Aronofsky has loads of talent, and I don’t find him to be that divisive (at least I thought I didn’t until Film Club).

I hope The Tree of Life comes to Regal, though I’m willing to travel to either Albany or Syracuse to see it. I wish it would play Cannes in competition and win the Palme d’Or for Malick.

Will Cannes also bring von Trier’s Melancholia? I hope so. Lars is another figure, like Hanake, that we should debate about.

Lisa - Thank you for defending The Social Network. You said everything better than I possibly could, and I could not agree more. I think it’s a great film, and I don't care how accurate it is. And The Tallest Man on Earth is awesome. I worship his songs. Glad you are also a fan.

Joanna Newsom is the best. If we can all agree on her and The New World, I will be a happy man.

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