Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inside Job

I watched Inside Job yesterday with my brother. It was a great way to spend the night feeling indignant and hopeless for humanity. Several reviewers called it the horror film of the decade. They probably aren’t too far off. This film is a nightmare, except its real, which makes it more devastating. I’d say it’s the ultimate nihilistic heist film. The bad guys hoodwinked and devastated a bunch of people. They were caught, but left entirely unpunished. Then they were given carte blanche to do it again. There were no heroes to come and save the day. Those responsible for defending against the bad guys were in bed with the bad guys and still are. Even noirs are rarely this bleak.

But, there may be some hope, and that is the film itself. The film presents the details of financial collapse clearly and informatively, and gives a solid scoop on the sleazy dirtbags involved. It’s enough to make you extremely angry and desperate for some sort of change. The hope is then that enough people can see the film and become angry enough to do something about it. It’s a hope that may be impossible given the widespread levels of corruption, deception, and misinformation that are still ongoing. But it is a hope nonetheless.

If you are familiar with a bit of the information behind the financial collapse (like I am), then the film probably won’t present too much new information for you. However, it does do a great job of making the information about it concise (and can serve as a great reminder). If you aren’t familiar with the information, then the film must be seen. It will make you furious, but I guess that’s the point. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen this, but maybe you have. I liked it, but it really pissed me off as I expected it to. It especially made me even angrier at Obama. I love how right-wingers have the overwhelming stupidity to call him a socialist when he’s got hardcore deregulation capitalists right there in his cabinet. I wish he would step up to the plate and follow through on some of his pre-election rhetoric against deregulation and corruption on Wall St. And, honestly, I wish Spitzer were still in office. I don’t care about his personal troubles; I care about his willingness to go after Wall St. Which is more important?

Anyway, this one is worth seeing and worth getting angry about. Now I’ve got to watch a few more movies from 2010, and I should have my top 10 coming very soon.

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