Monday, March 14, 2011

I really wanna see Uncle Boonme

You guys should definitely see A Single Man. You know how I feel about it, so I don’t need to elaborate again. But, it’s worth seeing. I don’t know if you’ll have the sort of emotional experience I had watching it, but I still hope you find it moving and beautiful because it really is both.

John- Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciated your thoughts (especially on the White Ribbon–that’s completely hilarious). I didn’t know that about TWBB and Tarantino, but it makes total sense. TWBB was a cinematic gauntlet if there ever was one. Glad you liked A Serious Man so much. It probably could be higher on my list but I only saw it once.
I didn’t see a lot of the movies on your list (which only speaks of my own inadequacy). I didn’t see The Limits of Control. I will definitely, now that I see it is on your list and Brandon’s. I wanted to see it and then completely forgot about it. How I forgot about it...I don't know. Probably because I didn't have this awesome film club to remind me.

Ben - Soo glad you loved A Single Man. Great to hear. I haven’t really talked to anyone who has seen it other than the two friends I watched it with when I first saw it. I really liked reading your thoughts on some of those 2010 flicks. I plan on watching Alamar and Fish Tank next week during my break. The more I think about Never Let Me Go, the more I like it (I agree with everything you said about it). I still just want it to be longer; that’s my only gripe with it. I also liked Howl. Franco is great and it is always great to hear the poem recited–it’s a wonderful auditory experience. Really liked the courtroom scenes too. By the way, I really liked 127 Hours. It is worth seeing. I need to do a run down like you did of the films I have seen from 2010, because I have seen a bunch, but just not enough for my list. As for your list, I still need to see a lot of them on there. I have seen Winter’s Bone, Black Swan, True Grit, and Exit Through the Gift Shop, and quite liked them all.

Brandon - First I just have to say that I really love “Teamwork.” I’ve been listening to it a lot and think it is an incredible thing. I’m so proud to know you guys. I hope the tour is still going well. We need to hang sometime after you get back. I still want to go out in the country with you and Lou. That would be the greatest. Anyway, back to film stuff. I agree that The White Ribbon and Antichrist are successful genre films without too much pretension. That’s also why I liked them. To be honest, I probably could have left Antichrist off my list and been fine with it. I just wanted to add it because it really is a good horror film. Everything a horror film should be, or at least everything a film called “Antichrist” should be.

Ben and Brandon, I’m probably somewhere in between you both on Shutter Island, though leaning more towards you Brandon. I agree with every reason you gave for loving it. It definitely spoke to my love for all those things as well (the flashback scenes to WWII are simply amazing to behold). My only minor problem with it was the revelation scene where they explain everything to Leo’s character. It just seemed heavy-handed to me. The chalkboard was excessive. But, overall I really liked it. I need to watch it again though. I only saw it once in the theater and that was over a year ago now (damn, time really flies). Maybe my perception of it will have changed since then.

I really need to see Boonme (what an awesome trailer). And Jane Eyre. And, of course, The Tree of Life. The trailer for that alone could be my top movie of last year.

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