Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have fun Brandon!

Brandon - Best of luck on the tour! I'm sure it will be a blast. Give my love to the rest of the band, especially Alex. Tell him he's the greatest, from me. Having listened to your new album (which is AWESOME) and watched you guys perform, you are definitely not wasting your time. It's a gift to be able to hear your music and see you guys play. No lie. Keep it up! Also, I love all the Hitchcock films you listed. I might go with Vertigo (I gave up on trying to avoid being cliche a long time ago) too, though I love Notorious. Also, I saw somewhere that you weren't a big fan of Spellbound. I actually love that, but it might be due to my love of Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman and not my love of Freud. Also, the Dali sequence.

John - I added your email. Thanks for the easy to follow directions. SERIOUSLY. I'm an idiot when it comes to navigating things. Also, so glad to hear your love for The Hustler. One of the best around. It deserves unanimous love. And, I've really got to re-watch Touch of Evil. I saw it a few years back on TCM late at night and really dug it.

Ben - I watched Catfish without having seen the trailer. I just read something that said watch it, but don't read anything about it. So I did. I subsequently have seen the trailer and do think it is odd that it is played up almost like a thriller (it's nothing like that). I know there is some debate on whether its real or fake, but I watched it as a real documentary, so I will treat it as such. My thoughts on it were pretty much similar to yours. The only problem, and I'll make this clear to everyone, is that I am a horrible judge of documentaries. I pretty much find most documentaries interesting, and can't judge them too harshly. So if any debates are made on Catfish or other documentaries, I probably won't be able to provide interesting commentary.

I think next up I'll start posting some of my top 10s from the 2000s. Then, at some point, I'd like to post some stuff about my love for the Marx Brothers. Seriously, I love them endlessly and do not care what anyone says. They make me elated. Especially Harpo, hence the picture of him on here. One of my heroes.

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