Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not so funny games

Lisa - I know I previously recommended watching it, but do NOT watch Funny Games. I think it’s funny, but that’s because I can usually distance myself from the films I watch. If you are easily frightened, then you will probably be scared and repulsed by it. Also, it’s good that you stopped Antichrist. Don’t watch that either. It’s definitely not worth getting terrified over. Don't worry about getting scared easily; I don't blame you.

I like the Our Town-esque set design for Dogville too. I found the ending funny (when Dogville gets wiped out) because it’s excessive but also triumphant. It suddenly turns into this crazy revenge film. Then the credits with Bowie's Young Americans playing and pictures of poverty in America. It’s so clearly intended to provoke/offend Americans that to me it’s funny. But, perhaps I have a weird sense of humor.

Europa isn’t scary at all. Just visually very impressive, artistic, and fun to watch. I think it’s worth checking out.

Like I said, I can typically remove myself from films. I know when I’m watching a film. That doesn’t mean I don’t get repulsed by things in films. Antichrist is repulsive, but in a way that I appreciated. It’s a solid, fucked up horror film. It’s not enjoyable to watch though. Sorry you had to sit through it, Ben...I feel your pain.

Are there any straight up horror fans in our group? I like a lot of films from the horror genre, but wouldn’t say that I just like horror films in general. Most horror films are god awful. But when I see a really great one, I am very pleased. Favorite horror films anyone? I’d probably go cliche and say The Shining, The Exorcist, and Rosemary’s Baby. I'm not very original.

I haven’t seen Dogtooth, but I think others of you have seen it, right? Someone told me it wasn’t worth watching, but if it is I’ll check it out. Not a fan of animals getting killed in movies though (also why I don't want to watch Benny’s Video).

I think watching movies by director is a really great way to go. If you read books by certain authors, then watching by director is kind of the same thing. I started getting into directors probably in 10th grade. I had this film book with a massive list of acclaimed directors from around the world, and I just started watching films by them. It’s awesome when you find a director that you really admire; it gets you excited to see more of his/her films.

By the way, Meek’s Cutoff does look awesome. Also excited to see that.

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