Monday, March 28, 2011


I want this on my wall:

Movies I don’t really like but feel like I should ( I have no idea how I’m ranking these...). This list isn’t very good...I’ll probably have to revise it later. I’m sorry if I blaspheme with any of these picks...remember I don’t know what I’m talking about.

1. Nashville - Like Altman, but didn’t dig this. Need to give it another shot.
2. E.T. - Probably because I was born in the late 80s and didn’t watch it until I was older.
3. l’Avventura -Didn’t have the patience for this.
4. Amarcord - Love Fellini but was underwhelmed.
5. Network - Need to watch it again.
6. Blade Runner - I really feel like I should love this...what’s wrong with me?
7. The Pianist - Same
8. Finding Nemo - my least favorite pixar flick.
9. The Princess Bride - most people love this, but I do not.
10. Slumdog Millionaire - Danny Boyle is the man, but this seemed like a City of God rip-off. Unfair? Probably...

Lisa - I completely appreciate your honesty and would never begrudge you for it. I haven’t seen Easter Parade. I’m not a fan of Rocky Horror either. I’m a fan of every other movie you mentioned though. I love Monty Python but completely understand your not digging them. You never have to apologize for your opinions.

Also, funnily enough, I watched Priceless a while back with an ex-girlfriend. Not very good at all, you’re right, but Audrey Tautou is worth sitting through almost any movie. My dream woman.

Ben - Glad you reacted so deeply to Antichrist, even though I know it is not fun at times. Good luck with school. You’re getting your masters and Lisa’s going for her ph.d....damn, I’m the young one of the group. Still an undergrad.

Brandon - you are not the scum of film club (if anyone is amongst us, it’s clearly me). I also want the horror genre to succeed. I’m always on the look-out for good horror films. Speaking of which, I think this is going to be awesome (NSFL):

Eyes Without a Face is a great movie. It’s really, really creepy. One the best horror films I’ve ever seen; definitely in my top 10. I like Cat People too. And Freaks. Also, a big fan of Robert Wise’s the Haunting. I love a good ghost story or haunted house movie. Good call on 28 Days Later. That would probably make my top 10 too. Awesome flick.

I agree about Tarkovsky. Wonderful film artist, but the shit in Andrei Rublev appalls me and is unforgivable (killing an animal for art is inexcusable and evil, agreed). I hate watching animals get hurt, whether real or fake (peta videos make me cry; I have to look away at fake scenes). I haven’t eaten meat in seven years and I don’t plan on doing so for the rest of my life. I hate even the thought of animals getting hurt. It makes my heart hurt and insides turn. I have a conscience about animals dying/getting hurt in movies, but I seem to have no problem with people dying in movies (fake dying of course). Perhaps I’m just hypocritical. But, I don’t know. To me, people choose to be in films (for the most part) and I know it’s fake when they get hurt or die (I can separate myself from it)...but animals don’t choose to be in films and even if they aren’t actually being hurt, I have a hard time separating myself and accepting it as fake.

I use laughter to cope with horror. It’s a defense mechanism. If I think that Funny Games or Dogville are funny (I would like to do one post where I don’t mention Funny Games...shit keeps coming up), it’s because I need to remove myself from them and laughter is the easiest way to do it. In real life, I can’t face horror. People dying, people getting hurt, people sad, evil being all horrifies me. I can’t handle it. But I think horror in art allows me to have a sort of cathartic experience where I can laugh at horror and overcome it. In real life, I’m the biggest chicken you will ever meet. I love haunted house movies, but whenever I sleep at my friend’s house that is supposedly haunted, I can’t sleep in a room by myself. Horror in art allows me to be bigger than my wimpiness.

I only bring this up because I realized that by saying I found Dogville and Funny Games funny, I probably came across as this coldhearted bastard. I’m really not. I’m actually a notorious softy and enormous wimp. Art is the only place where I can be something more than that.

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