Thursday, March 10, 2011

what to watch, what to watch...

I have a break from school in two weeks and want to catch up on some of the copious films from last year that I haven’t seen. I see there are plenty to watch instantly on Netflix. Does anyone have any recommendations for things I definitely should see? I want to watch Fish Tank, Mother, Alamar (because you had it as your top film of the year Brandon and I trust you completely) and possibly Mesrine Part 1. Does anyone recommend Carlos if they have seen it? It got great reviews, but its quite long, and I don’t want to sit through it if it isn’t worth it. Or I am Love, has anyone seen that or does anyone recommend it?

All I know is that the next thing I am definitely watching on Netflix is Paul Newman in Hud. I have not seen it (for shame, I know), but am really looking forward to it. I love Paul Newman. He was one in a million, I tell ya.

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